Travel search engines have revolutionized the way we plan and purchase travel. In highly a competitive market, KAYAK established themselves as the simplest, friendliest and most reliable of the travel search engines. But telling their story among hundreds of hyper reactive travel sites in a constantly changing marketplace is an everyday challenge.


KAYAK Europe’s Brand Marketing team based in Berlin, led by Stefan Petzinger and Doug Perkul, trusted Noisy Neighbor to help create a new round of TV Creative (TVC) to run in it's myriad European markets. KAYAK's media strategy called for taking advantage of discounted AD rates by running ultra short spots: 15, 10, even 5 seconds each.


Behind KAYAK’s website's apparent simplicity lies a world rich in features and complex customization options. Whether you are traveling with family, alone, for pleasure or business, KAYAK will offer the best tools to search efficiently and secure your purchase.

How can we help to build an engaging campaign that is broad enough to encompass the majority of KAYAK's user base, but specific enough to explain KAYAK's highly precise search tools? And all in a very limited running time?

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KAYAK needed to break up the traditional user journey to engage its audience in a story. Instead of one longer spot, we broke the journey down to 3-5 second scenes, each highlighting a particular feature, giving the viewer a brief new piece of the puzzle each time.

Through analytics and A/B testing we were able to refine the creative to sharpen and tailor the message in near real time. Then we followed the data to the most effective and efficient creative option.

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We began by liaising with KAYAK’s UX team to obtain sets of website elements which would help us illustrate the user journey in our spots, and we collected everything into a master design document. Then, it was on to motion tests, fleshing ideas out quickly for instant response from the client. We designed as many as a dozen initial iterations of each product spot, experimenting each time with a different method of distilling the story.

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Working with the in-house design team at KAYAK, we created 4 new 30 second spots, each highlighting a specific tool on the KAYAK website. Once we had the look of these 4 spots approved, we started working on cut-downs. For each, we created numerous options for 15 second, 10 second, and 5 second spots, each version using a different strategy for telling the story as efficiently as possible.

These spots were continuously tested, and refined according to the results. In the end, the spots that aired reflected the creative that was proven to hold viewers' attention the most and elicit the greatest response.

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At the end of the process, we had 16 approved spots, raging from 5 to 30 seconds. These spots were then localized into as many as 12 languages/markets to tell the KAYAK story throughout Europe, staying consistent and on-brand in each country.

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